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Hatcher Construction and Development, Inc. is a full-service construction company, general contractor, design-builder, and construction manager with an office location in Delray Beach Florida since 1999. William and Jeff Hatcher launched their business with the goal of providing superior quality and craftsmanship to the region's construction industry. Dedicated to being the best is what separates them from others. The best at finding talented employees; the best at working with design teams; the best at understanding the end-user; and the best at delivering projects ahead of schedule without compromising quality.

Our delivery methods allow us to be flexible and innovative resulting in our meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our professional experiences with projects from conceptualization to ongoing operation, help simplify the complexity of building construction. Over the years, we have earned a reputation as being dependable to do whatever it takes to get jobs done.

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Hatcher Construction is proud to announce the launch of our philanthropic foundation, Hatcher Helps. This extension of our firm has been established to contribute new and sustainable resources to the development of the communities in which we work. The acronym HELP for Help Enrich Learning Programs and facilities is one example of our contributions. During our recent work at Jupiter Community HS, we had the opportunity to offer services at no additional cost to the school, including the painting of existing buildings that were not in the contracted scope of work. This helped to integrate the existing buildings into the fabric of the new modular giving the campus a clean and refined appearance. We look forward to learning how we can provide some added value to your project while working in concert with project stakeholders to target the most specific needs of the end-users.


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